immortal Conquest

Immortal Conquest is my largest stencil/collage piece to date. Scaling at aproxametly 9’ in diameter, it captures the sizmatic influence of iconic imagery. I based this piece on the bust of Alexander of the Great, who appeared as the first mortal man to be engraved on ancient Greek coinage (tetradrachms and drachms). By appearing on the same image-platform priory reserved for gods, these coins served Alexander as propaganda which elevated him to their level. The addition of the banana serves to link the piece to the modern graffiti/art world where egos often battle for a chance at immortality. —2017

Creating a Calming Uproar

This early piece was an exploration of dynamic color expression. This was also the first video of me painting that I ever made. A lot of people ask me if the figures are Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill. Although they resemble the two icons, it was an unintentional coincidence. Had it been otherwise, I would have named the piece, “Bobby Hill”, on account of the obvious pun. —2012


A Day at the Gallery

In my early street-art days, I often focused on creating single-layered stencils. I was just getting into wheat-paste around the time this video was made. Most of the work I put up didn’t have any deep agenda except to create novelty in the world. I would climb drainpipes like Spiderman and try to get to the hardest spots so that some of my pieces would last longer before getting removed or painted over. Then afterwards, I would turn back into Peter Parker to anonymously watch people take selfies in front of them. —2012


Making of Nomad

This is a time-lapse video of one of my early multi-layered stencil paintings titled, “Nomad”. —2011


Bars and Stripes

Another video of an earlier work titled, “Bars & Stripes”. The difference between seeing graffiti on the street versus seeing graffiti in a gallery, is the same as seeing a tiger in the wild versus one in a zoo. —2012