I Almost got it All Together..

See I told you the new web site was going to be dope! I'm still not quite there yet though. A few bugs remain but shorty I'm gonna squash em dead and we'll be running full swing. There's been some technical issues getting the podcast section rolling which is bogus because that's my favorite part. Anyhow hang in there folks. You can still listen to the new episode on SoundCloud, Stitcher Radio and on iTunes. Sure it lacks the fun bonus content that you're going to find here but hey--quit being so jaded. There's kids in other countries that don't even have any podcasts at all..

In the meantime checkout the new episode: 'Scam-Jackals' on SoundCloud and come back here soon when I get my shit together..

Fresh New Website

After years of procrastination and not following through, I've finally decided to update my website. So go tell your mama. Aside from its sleek, sexual appearance, I hope to include a whole barrage of new content including: New artworks (duh), more videos, a blog of sorts, a full shop including t-shirts, stickers, prints, etc.., a full archive of WTWJR podcast episodes--including all new bonus content, and much more..

So long story, short--come back again soon and see what's changed. If it looks exactly the same as it does now--either wait a bit longer or just go ahead and assume that I died.