We Only Come Out At Night

Join me and a whole slew of other talented artists this Saturday, the 14th of October for the opening of "We Only Come Out At Night"! Feast your pupils and come chill your spines with a collection of spooky and spectacular works. Open to all ages who dare to see it. Come in a costume and join the madness at 515 Gallery in Clare, Michigan this Saturday evening 6-8..


My Mother: The Artist

There's been little art-production taking place over the last year or so as I've been mourning the loss of my dear mother. She was a real cool lady and I miss her a great deal. The harsh reality though, is that there will come a point in life where all sons must say goodbye to their mothers (presuming that we outlive them). Where do we go from here? 

Josh and Mother Roupe circa. 2015.

Josh and Mother Roupe circa. 2015.

I've experienced a great deal of loss throughout my life and have always channeled my frustrations and short-comings into my ability to make artwork. When I was a child I drew pictures as a form of escapism to liberate myself from the dysfunctional surrounding my father . My mom would often draw with me and taught me a few fundamental things. She was an artist as well when she was younger before the responsibilities of raising four children in an unstable home overshadowed her pursuits of creative expression.

One of her early accomplishments and downright bizarre coincidences was a portrait she drew of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963--hours before his assassination. She was a senior in high school. The local news paper published a story on her, featuring her piece which was exemplified by the timing of the event.

Linda Roupe with portrait of John F. Kennedy. Circa. 1963.

Linda Roupe with portrait of John F. Kennedy. Circa. 1963.

For years she told the story of this drawing but I had never seen it. It wasn't until some weeks following her passing, that I discovered a small metal box buried in the back of her closet. I opened it to discover the photograph above, a laminated newspaper clipping and several drawings, including the Kennedy sketch. I felt like Indiana Jones standing in front of the Ark of the Covenant except that I didn't have to fight any Nazis to get there.

It was an entire portfolio of drawings which I had never seen. Sure, some of them weren't gallery-ready but they were still her work and I found them all beautiful. As I gently rifled through them, I felt a sense of my mother there with me and I knew that in time, things would be alright.

Art preserves humanity and thru it, none of us are ever truly lost.

I Almost got it All Together..

See I told you the new web site was going to be dope! I'm still not quite there yet though. A few bugs remain but shorty I'm gonna squash em dead and we'll be running full swing. There's been some technical issues getting the podcast section rolling which is bogus because that's my favorite part. Anyhow hang in there folks. You can still listen to the new episode on SoundCloud, Stitcher Radio and on iTunes. Sure it lacks the fun bonus content that you're going to find here but hey--quit being so jaded. There's kids in other countries that don't even have any podcasts at all..

In the meantime checkout the new episode: 'Scam-Jackals' on SoundCloud and come back here soon when I get my shit together..

Fresh New Website

After years of procrastination and not following through, I've finally decided to update my website. So go tell your mama. Aside from its sleek, sexual appearance, I hope to include a whole barrage of new content including: New artworks (duh), more videos, a blog of sorts, a full shop including t-shirts, stickers, prints, etc.., a full archive of WTWJR podcast episodes--including all new bonus content, and much more..

So long story, short--come back again soon and see what's changed. If it looks exactly the same as it does now--either wait a bit longer or just go ahead and assume that I died.